We are unique and we look forward to you joining our system.

We are Italian, leaders in Italy, we believe in the excellence of our Country in which we invest, and this gives us an extensive widespread presence from North to South.

The only system in Europe which brings together the interests and needs of fruit and vegetable producers, distribution and logistics companies. A cooperative of companies which generates unparalleled efficiency and economic competitiveness, fostering shared “value across” the entire supply chain.

Our relationship-based approach brings us close to the day-to-day needs of our members, ensuring the greatest care and the best solutions.

Innovation for a positive impact on the environment.

investment in new technology

  • Our new fruit and vegetable crates have been fitted with Smart Labels, equipped with 1D and 2D barcodes, and RFID tags. This innovation allows us to gather information through the use of portable devices (barcode and tag readers) or RFID gates.

    A Smart Label is assigned to every single crate.
    The information gathered is made available on a centralised cloud server to which the various parties in the chain have specific access.

energy savings

  • We have chosen to replace current crate drying systems, opting for centrifugal drying. This allows us to reach significant energy saving targets during washing: consumption is around 80-90% less than traditional blower systems.

  • A cogeneration facility plant at the Gallo site allows us to heat water for washing while simultaneously producing electricity which powers the pumps; in 2020 it produced 551 MWh electric and 1000 MWh thermal.

  • In terms of lighting systems, we have equipped the new sites with energy-saving LED technology and we have initiated a process of gradual conversion of all existing systems.

  • With regard to our energy needs, photovoltaic systems, which are fully integrated with the roofing of the buildings, generate part of our own consumption. The Gallo and Casei Gerola sites produced respectively 150MWh and 191 MWh (in 2020).

water savings

  • Water is a precious resource.
    Which is why we are careful about its use and avoid waste.

    – we have reduced water usage for washing crates, thanks to ongoing usefulness analysis.
    – using our crate washing method, we are able to achieve significant annual water savings.

logistics savings

  • With the new fruit and vegetable crates, optimised in size and weight, we are able to reduce transport by around 20% (on average across all sizes).
    We also foresee:
    – a reduction of 10.3% in CO2 emissions during transport*
    – a reduction of 1.66% in fuel consumption and distance travelled*

    *compared to values achieved with the classic green crates.

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