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We are a cooperative that connects the different companies that collaborate in the handling of agri-food products.

We are leaders in Italy for the production, pooling and recycling of plastic foldable crates, minibins and pallets.

Planning the sustainable future

We started out as a sustainability-based system and we are increasingly geared towards creating a better future for all.




Data management

We are unique and we look forward to you joining our system.

The only system in Europe which brings together the interests and needs of fruit and vegetable producers, distribution and logistics companies. A cooperative of companies which generates unparalleled efficiency and economic competitiveness, fostering shared “value across” the entire supply chain.

Our relationship-based approach brings us close to the day-to-day needs of our members, ensuring the greatest care and the best solutions.


The new Redea fruit and vegetable crate is “pure innovation” in terms of design and functionality.
Italian design in pursuit of efficiency, optimisation and environmental benefits.

beauty is a question of balance and details

our products

Our plastic folding crates are designed for all sectors.

All our solutions optimise efficiency of handling and safe delivery, reducing food waste and ensuring top quality products at point of sale.

We’re proud to be on the cutting edge
of a sustainable new beginning.


A pallet made with secondary raw materials obtained from recycled materials.
A patent for this Italian industrial invention that makes us proud.

become a member

Contact us at info@cprsystem.it, and we will send you an application form.